September Favorites

Hello, September!  I’ve been waiting for you.  May cooler days and autumn shades be close on your heels!  Here are some fresh favorites to start the month.

ACTIVITY: Stir Up Some Imaginary Soup

P1060060 A great outdoor activity for a boring afternoon!  Gather one big bowl per child, a handful of creative kitchen utensils, all your old spices and whatever other pantry items you don’t mind “wasting.”  (I filled coffee filters with things like oatmeal, coffee grounds, and flour so after we made a big mess we could just throw it all away.)  Remember grass, dirt, flowers, and rocks also make great ingredients for imaginary soup.  More details at One Perfect Day.
soup collage

ARTICLE: What is the Purpose of the Home? 
Screen-shot-2010-04-15-at-2.33.23-PMRecently I stumbled upon this article, published several months ago by Lindsay of Passionate Homemaking.  (In February of this year Lindsay took an indefinite sabbatical from blogging, but you can still peruse her site, linked above).  I’ll be honest–this article was exciting, inspiring, and painfully convicting for me.  In order to determine the purpose of the home, Lindsay read every Bible reference related to “home,” coming up with 7 purposes for a home.  Saturated in Scripture, this article is an excellent guide for any woman in need of some fresh encouragement regarding the incredible calling to be a “keeper of the home” (Titus 2:5).

PRODUCT: Cranium Hullabaloo
CraniumHullabalooWhen Aubrey’s best friend brought this game over for a play date, it took me two seconds to realize it was brilliant.  The game comes with a stack of brightly colored felt pads in different shapes, featuring different images of animals, instruments, and food.  After the kids scatter the felt pads on the floor, the Hullabaloo tape player bursts into song telling them to hop to a yellow patch…twirl to a square…put their elbow on an animal…  It’s a great way for squealing toddlers to practice their shapes, colors, and gross motor skills, not to mention get giddy with friends and family members.

BOOK: When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin
when_crickets_cry_jacketA great fiction novel about a world-renowned heart transplant surgeon who goes into hiding after a mysterious loss, only to cross paths with the one little girl who can give him a second chance at everything.

If you’ve rolled your eyes at Christian fiction before, assuming it’s all trite and watery, give this one a chance!  The only thing watery will be your tear ducts.  (Okay, that was cheesy, but the book really isn’t!  He’s a much better writer than I am 🙂 ).

Happy September!

P.S. As I re-vamp my monthly favorites section, previous favorites will be temporarily MIA.  

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