Two Different Dances

Scan_Pic0001[1]You were a different
Dance than me,
When I smiled
And took your hand.
Closed my eyes
And opened my heart
To the wonders
And mysteries of man.
The dance has been long,
It’s only begun,
It’s been agonizing,
Jubilant fun.
It’s been a muddy haze,
Crystal clear,
Distant and far,
Desperately near.
Two different dances,
Twirling in time,
One lovely waltz,
Sweetly divine.
So, take my hands, darling,
Turn me again,
Promise me always,
Has yet to begin.
For this I know surely,
Wholly and true–
I could dance forever,
If only with you.

To my faithful readers–may this Valentine’s Day find you blessed with the love of Christ and the many special people He’s placed in your life!

And to my faithful husband–I love you more now than I did when this picture was taken.

2 thoughts on “Two Different Dances

    1. Thanks Anne! That picture was taken 8 years ago at a friends wedding when we were dating. We didn’t know the photographer was taking the picture and I love that he captured that moment.

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