On My 28th Birthday

Today I am happy just to be me.
To laugh with my husband and dance in the rain,
To embrace all of life—including the pain,
To see others’ weakness and love them the same,
To belong to a God who knows me by name.

Today I am happy just to be me.
To wonder and dream, to hope and create,
To kiss little cheeks that stay up too late!
To cling to the Cross, to let go of hate,
To relish the journey, to be willing to wait.

Today I am happy just to be me.
To be a little less scared, and a lot more free,
To hold nothing back, to love fervently,
To open both hands to possibility,
To know a little more of what it means to be me.

Today I am happy just to be me.
To be flawed and broken, but holy and new,
To be growing and failing, but tested and true,
To know all my days are hidden in You,
To be loved by Your grace and not what I do!

Today I am happy just to be me.
To live by the gospel, to claim what’s been done,
To be loved by a man, to be his only one,
To give all of myself and not just some,
To believe the best is yet to come!

5 thoughts on “On My 28th Birthday

  1. A Blessed Birthday Jeanne! You are the sweet little lady of your mom and dad because Johanna is the athletic big sister you have. I share with your parents the joy to witness to how God has molded to what you are now. Yes, the best thing in life is yet to come as we continue delighting unto our Triune God and His Word.
    Warm regards to everyone.
    Manny Collado, you dad’s friend from Marikina, Philippines

  2. Beautiful, Jeanne! Happy Birthday!
    Keep writing!
    We’re in Bangkok. God is at work in SE Asia. We thank God for bringing us back. I am home!
    Bob and Lei

  3. Delightful post.Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true.Jalal

  4. I’m so glad you’re YOU too!! And I’m super grateful that God allowed our lives to intersect many many times. You are a rare jewel and I’m so thankful to call you Friend.

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