Summer Sabbatical

Seven months ago I started blogging for one simple reason.  I like to write.  For me it’s as much a hobby as watching movies or playing ping pong.  And like any other hobby, it begged to be enjoyed.  But I quickly discovered that blogging is about a whole lot more than just writing.  It’s about influencing.  It’s about having a voice louder than your own.

And that is the part of blogging that has inspired me the most.  I am a boring stay-at-home mom.  But from my kitchen table, wearing my pajamas, I have had the opportunity to have a voice–however small it may be–in the lives of people from 63 different countries in the world.  That is unfathomable to me.  Blogging is a powerful tool, virtually limitless in scope.  It is more exciting and humbling than I imagined.

And it’s also more challenging.

I can remember groaning once because my kids woke up early and I just wanted five more minutes to finish a post.  I was trying to get it done while they ran around, and I was growing more irritated by the second.  Suddenly I pictured myself blurting, “Would you guys just leave me alone?  I’m trying to blog about being a good parent!”  The thought made me laugh…and feel awful…at the same time.  It is ironically grievous that you could become so engrossed in writing about life that you forfeit living it well.  And of course, there is the grand challenge in blogging (as in most of life) of remaining pure in heart.  Of being motivated by the things that first motivated you, and not getting swept up in the love of self.

For all of these reasons, I’ve decided to take a blogging break for the summer.  Recently some friends of mine have stressed the importance of simply “abiding.”  And that is what I am going to do with the extra free time.  I’m going to rest, enjoy my family, and abide in the Lord.  Isn’t God good?  What a priviledge to abide in Him–to find in Him the rest and refreshment we long for.

One last thing.  So many of you have encouraged me deeply in my blogging venture, and I want to thank you.  For many people this is no big deal, but for me it’s been a step of faith.  It’s been an attempt to use my passions and my gifts for the Kingdom, and it has not come without a fight!  Thank you for the encouragement.  I will see you in two months!