2013 Book List

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Biblical Womanhood in the Home by DeMoss, Kassian, Mahaney, et al. 

Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp  A must read for any pastor, pastor’s wife, or church member who wants to understand how to love and support his/her pastor.  This one was a heavy read, but worth it.

Dangerous Wonder by Michael Yaconelli A book about rediscovering childlike faith.  The writing style was a little “fluffy” to me, but I did walk away recognizing how much wonder I’ve lost and longing to re-gain it.

Don’t Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman I loved how practical this book is.  If you want straight-forward, apply-it-now parenting advice, it’s got some great principles.  I didn’t agree with everything, but if you can take it with a grain of salt, it’s worth your time.

Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson

Humility by C.J. Mahaney  Really enjoyed this one, particularly as a personal devotional to feed and encourage your own heart.  Mahaney is light-hearted and funny, which also makes it a quick read.

Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story by Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada  This book was fascinating, but different than I thought it was going to be.  For a full review, click here.

On Writing by Stephen King  Great read for any aspiring writer.  I learned more about writing from this book then I did in all the college writing courses I took.  I talk more about it here.

The Call by Os Guinness This is an older book with much insight, but it’s very historical and was a little slower for me to wade through.

The Hospitality Commands by Alexander Strauch

The House that Cleans Itself by Mindy Starns Clark Incredibly helpful!  I will probably blog about it at some point, but just bear in mind–she is in-depth!  It would be really easy to get overwhelmed with this book–you just have to take what you want and forget what’s beyond your capacity.

The Prodigal God by Tim Keller  A great book for anyone who’s ever struggled with the parable of the Prodigal Son, or felt like he/she could relate to the elder brother (as I did.)  Also awesome book for anyone who is a prodigal themselves, like the younger brother.  This book will help you straighten out the gospel, perhaps viewing it in a whole new way.

The Red Sea Rules by Robert Morgan This book breathed hope and faith into me during a really rough season.  It’s written for people in difficult, painful places, and it’s excellent.


A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner  Love this!  Beautifully written Christian novel about the secrets and history of a home.

Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult  I picked this one up because Picoult wrote it with her teenage daughter.  It’s the story of a teenage girl who falls in love with a character in a fairy tale.  Not my favorite, but then again it was written for young adults, so I’m probably not the best critic.

Doesn’t She Look Natural by Angela Hunt  Average story, well-written & comical.  A divorced campaign manager inherits a funeral home, discovering truths about life and death along the way.

Handle with Care by Jodi Piccoult  I love Jodi Piccoult, but have to be careful because she can be very gritty.  This book examines the controversy surrounding what constitutes quality of life.  Incredibly written and very thought-provoking, but also secular.

Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers Thoroughly enjoyed this long ride.  The story explores the rift between a mother and daughter by telling both of their stories from beginning to end.  If you like sweeping historical sagas, this is a beautiful one.  

Her Daughter’s Dream by Francine Rivers

House Rules by Jodi Piccoult Again, very well-written and thought provoking, but also secular.  Piccoult explores the notion of an autistic teenager being accused of murder.

Masquerade by Nancy Moser Light-hearted and fluffy 🙂  Two women trade places.

Shades of Mercy by Susan Meissner Fictional novel about the Salem witch trials–not bad, but I preferred Meissner’s other novel (Sound Among the Trees, see above).

The Awakening by Angela Hunt An allegorical tale of an agoraphobic who must weed through the lies of her childhood to discover the father she never knew.  A beautiful picture of lost people finding God, but a little creepy getting there.

The Fine Art of Insincerity by Angela Hunt Really, really liked this one.  A Christian novel that isn’t cheesy or cute-sy, but honest, witty, and engaging.  Three sisters, with 9 marriages between them, get away for a weekend to clean out their Grandmother’s old beach house after she dies.  

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin  I love Martin as a writer, but was a little disappointed with this one.  Entertaining, but predictable.

When We Were Strangers by Pamela Schoenewaldt   One of the most engaging and beautifully written novels I read all year.  This is the story of a poor seamstress from Italy who immigrates to the US and discovers her true calling.  (Disclaimer: This is a secular novel that includes a  painfully traumatic scene, which serves as a major catalyst for the protagonist.)

4 thoughts on “2013 Book List

  1. When you read a book and cross it off, you could should say whether you recommend it or not. or rate it out of 5 stars. Love this idea of listing books!

  2. If you haven’t read them, read the Mark of the Lion trilogy books by Francine Rivers. Best books ever!!

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