COVERIn a world where moms are pressured to have successful careers, picture perfect children, and romance novel-worthy marriages, Jeanne Harrison writes with refreshing honesty.  Her “been there, done that, failed miserably, and God was gracious” style will instantly win your heart.  Allow this book to be the gentle hand comforting your shoulder as Jeanne applies God’s Word to the daily trials that face every mother.

Chad Ashby
Pastor of College Street Baptist Church

I find that mom bloggers can be an intimidating bunch.  But not Jeanne Harrison.  She actually begs you to know that she does NOT have it all together.  Jeanne is a blogger/writer who is so real, so vulnerable and so…well…nice, that you just gotta love her.

Jenny Dean Schmidt
Host of ChannelMom Radio

Jeanne is living it all out as she writes…the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Yet she always comes around to the bedrock of truth and how that truth makes a way…to change one more diaper, to wipe one more nose, to get up one ore time during the night.  Jeanne gives honor and dignity to motherhood!

Deborah Garren
Navigator Staff Representative
Intern, Mental Health Counseling

Numerous times I have passed (Jeanne’s) blogs on to the women in our church.  No matter the topic, Jeanne is committed to keeping Christ central.

Amy Pearson
Pastor’s Wife of  Sojourn Church

I have been reading what Jeanne Harrison writes since she first made her writing public.  By her personal cross cultural experience and her education, she is well equipped to understand many of the challenges we face in today’s world.  Her strong commitment to Christ and her ability to handle the Word of God effectively make what she writes well worth reading.  She is both profound and playful as her personality shines through in her writing.  I often share something she writes with my friends and family.

Anne Wenger
Bridges International, Cru Staff Member

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