Synopsis: Written specifically to missionary teens, Hiding in the Hallway offers MKs a biblical context for faith in light of their unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities. Filled with personal anecdotes, former MK Jeanne Harrison champions gospel relevancy and the need for MKs to continue to filter their lives through a biblical worldview. Covering seven key areas relevant to missionary teen life, both on and off the mission field, this book also includes a chapter for parents to help foster discussion.

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Judy Endorse

The pain and challenges in the adjustments of missionary kids are real. Jeanne Harrison has been there and communicates with a sensitivity and relevance that will speak to current MKs as well as adult former MKs who are still suffering from their experiences. A journey of discipleship, Hiding in the Hallway challenges readers to face basic spiritual realities and restores confidence and joy.
-Dr. Jerry Rankin
President Emeritus, International Mission Board

Jeanne Harrison has done a wonderful service to MKs and to the church in this book, helping us all to understand life from her MK perspective. MKs, missionary parents, and churches will be blessed by the lessons they learn from Jeanne.
-M. David Sills
Chair of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Jeanne Harrison addresses the core challenges of the MK lifestyle in a way that is refreshingly blunt and exceedingly gospel focused.
Donna Kushner
Director MK2MK, Cru