February Favorites

The last hints of snow are melting, along with our little Olaf, in the front yard.  This month I will steal away for a women’s retreat, refresh my soul with Glimpses of Grace, and watch a beautiful couple get married on Valentine’s Day.  I am very blessed.  Not because my life is perfect, because it isn’t.  Not because I have everything I want, because I don’t.  Not because contentment comes easily for me, because it doesn’t.  I am blessed because today, and always, Christ has not given up on me!  And He has not given up on you.  Hope you enjoy some of my February picks.

ACTIVITY: DIY Magnetic Dolls
Well, I crossed one of the activities off my indoor bucket list.  Using this adorable template as a guide, I drew paper doll lookalikes of my daughter and her best friend, stuck them to adhesive magnetic strips, laminated and cut them out.  Voilà!  (You can get everything you need for this craft at Wal Mart).  My favorite part of the project was teaming up with my 4-year-old to “design” all the outfits.  She has plans for me to make more friends, and a daddy (no mommy?), but we’ll see how that pans out.  I should add that I was going to make a set for my 2-year-old, but when she ripped one of the legs off her sister’s set, I figured we’d wait.  Lots of fun if you have the time and a little fashionista to assist!

ARTICLE: The Dance of Complementarity by Mary Kassian
2820721_300Someone recently wrote in to ask me about biblical womanhood.  I’ve been thinking about it all week.  As I slowly put my own thoughts together, here’s an article that answers the question “Why not function as though we’re exactly the same in marriage?”  The article paints a beautiful picture of how complementarity fosters mutuality and unity within a marriage.  To the reader who wrote me–I’m working on a response to the article you asked about!  I am so touched that you would even ask for my opinion.  I tried to email but my messages returned undeliverable.  Stay tuned!

PRODUCT: I Love My Husband Shirts v neck love 1 white
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, here’s a product for you and your husband.  Call me dorky, but I think these shirts from Unveiled Wife are really sweet!  I saw them while surfing the site, and bought one to surprise my husband on date night.  I wondered if he would think it was cheesy, but he loved it.  Hmm…a gift for him that you get to wear–not too shabby!  Click on the link above to check out different styles and colors.  Shirts range from $21-24 depending on the style.


MOVIE: My Five Favorite Chick Flicks!
This is probably the one time of year when husbands are most likely to forego war and carnage in favor of watching Will Smith and Eva Mendes fall in love.  These five movies are my all-time favorite romantic comedies–love the actors, love the storylines, love snuggling on the sofa with popcorn and a cute guy who’s guaranteed to roll his eyes at least ten times.

BOOK: Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God by CJ Mahaney SexRomanceandtheGloryofGod
Here’s a recommendation from my husband to yours.  Although Carolyn Mahaney writes one chapter for women, the rest of this book was intended for men.  For some reason, CJ was able to help my husband understand women and romance in a way I’ve never been able to!  He explains how and why men must continue to date and pursue their wives long after the wedding is over.  Best of all, he grounds everything in the power and hope of the gospel.  Perhaps an early Valentine’s Day gift for the Mister?

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2 thoughts on “February Favorites

  1. I enjoyed this post:) I have a love/hate relationship with online clothes shopping because I never have to leave my house but I also never know what size to order. Are the shirts made small?

    1. They’re not small, but they are more fitted than a traditional unisex t-shirt. (Even the crew-neck t-shirts, which is what I got.) I got my normal size & it wasn’t tight at all but it was a little shorter than I like. Of course I like my shirts long so maybe I’m just picky!

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