Monday Morning Mommy-hood

0_583d5_1927f0da_XLToday is a day when the thought of putting on a nice outfit and going to work almost brings tears of longing to my eyes.  The thought of having projects to accomplish on a computer instead of in the kitchen, of being treated like a professional instead of a referee, of having an hour for lunch during which nobody will demand I get up 79 times to get them more milk or another slice of cheese.  Today is a day when I don’t want to clean up the 17 pieces of colorful tissue paper my kids decorated the floor with and then spilled water all over, a day when i don’t want to hear fights or demands or crying of any kind.

Today is a day when I’m sick of Rapunzel, sick of runny noses, and sick of my own guilt.  A day when I catch myself dreaming of freedom and wondering why I’m so afraid to admit that sometimes motherhood feels suffocating.

Today is a day that makes me grateful for the cross.  Grateful that Jesus called me not to a  life of happiness, but of faithfulness.  Today is a day when I feel how much I need Him.  A day when I will keep loving, keep serving, and keep worshipping, because today Jesus is enough.

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13 thoughts on “Monday Morning Mommy-hood

  1. Oh sweetie I can tell you, that ideal workplace…… no what it’s cracked up to be!!! lol. The days at home might be rough, but the respect level from children and co workers these days is, sadly, about the same!! lol.
    Maybe let today be a “messy house day” and try not to let yourself worry about it. Or just get a shop vac and make it all disappear into the great beyond 😉

  2. Today is a day when the thought of putting on a nice outfit and going to work almost brings me to my knees. It doesn’t matter how old children are they can still keep you humble and you know that the only place to find comfort is at the cross.

  3. Oh Jeanne, this moment comes way to often with me. Last week if you were a fly on the wall you would have seen me feeling hopeless and very sorry for myself. The Lord is so good even in those moments. Children have never made me see more of my sin and make me realize how much I am in need of a Saviour. Love to hear the realness of people. Thanks for your post. It reminds other mothers they are not a lone.

  4. It is like you came over and saw what my house looked like….and still looks like! Thank you always for your encouragement and book suggestions. Keep blessing us with your gift!

  5. I love, love, love your blog, you have a great talent for writing. 🙂

    I am a homeschooling mother of 4 who is at the later stages of motherhood. My two oldest children do not live at home and the two younger ones are 17 and 13. I was picking up this morning after a fun and busy weekend and thinking of the sacredness of nurturing my family still…and how thankful I am for the understanding of what that entails. There was a time when I was overwhelmed, tired, and looked at the working life as a great alternative (I still have dreams of being able to pay someone to clean my house). All these years later I look back with a heart full of gratitude that I was there and without even knowing it teaching my children how important they are. Many of my friends comment on the relationship I have with my children, and grandchild and the relationships my children have with each other, they long for a connection that they do not have with their own children. Relationships take time!

    The long days and nights you are putting in now are an investment that will pay off with such great dividends you will then be overwhelmed in a very different way, with the love and joy that surrounds you. Motherhood is hard, and when you give it all you have it depletes you physically, emotionally and spiritually. But the good news is that it all comes back to you, remember you are investing in the future!

    May God bless you and your family,

  6. I enjoy your blog, however as a working mom I want to let you know that you are kind of glamorizing things a bit. I don’t get to put on nice clothes, I get people demanding things of me and I don’t get an hour lunch (maybe I get 5 minutes to eat my lunch)….and I get to come home and do all of the things you mention above. Not saying one life is easier or better, but the grass always does seem greener on the other side.

    1. Good point. My hat really is off to working moms. The majority of my friends work & I think they’d completely agree with you! Before becoming a mom I just happened to have a job I really, really loved. I’m very blessed to stay home but some days I think I just miss it. Thanks for sharing & for the reminder that the grass really isn’t greener on the other side.

  7. Fantastic post. Thank you for the reminder that, wherever we are, we should always be endlessly grateful and mindful of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Our lives our not ours. They are His.

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