3 Things You Can Do {Today} for the Persecuted Church

Today, all across the world grassroots prayer vigils are being held on behalf of Saeed Abedini, a Christian pastor, husband, and father who has been tortured and imprisoned in Iran for exactly one year today.  Pastor Saeed converted to Christianity thirteen years ago, and has been arrested ten times since then.  He was imprisoned in 2009 and released after agreeing to stop supporting home churches.  According to his wife, Abedini felt it was safe to return to Iran, his native home, since agreeing not to work with churches.  But last September, while crossing into Iran from Turkey via bus, immigration authorities seized and arrested him.  He was sentenced to eight years in the notoriously brutal Evin prison in Iran.  I first heard Pastor Saeed’s story through a Facebook news feed several months ago.  At the time he was in extremely poor physical health due to beatings and mistreatment in prison.  His wife and many others fear he will not last eight years.

What Can I Do? 

  1. Send a letter to the Iranian government on Pastor Saeed’s behalf.  This morning on the radio, I heard his wife say they are hoping an influx of mail will urge the Iranian government to reconsider her husband’s imprisonment.  They’ve set it up so that all you really have to do is type in your name, and press “send.”  (View the letter Billy Graham wrote the Iranian president on Saeed Abedini’s behalf.)
  2. Join one of the many prayer vigils, meeting today.  I think it would be incredible to gather with a throng of believers on behalf of the persecuted church, to pray for our brother in Christ and experience the POWER of the body united (Matt 18:20).  If you don’t live in a city where a vigil is being hosted, gather your family and pray!  You can join the vigil spiritually if not physically.
  3. Share his story.  Put the miracle of the digital generation to use for the gospel of Christ!  The more we raise awareness, the better.

To read more about Saeed Abedini, click on the links below.

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